Recent Caller Reports
We have had several reports of a caller claiming to be from the Gunnison Chamber and asking you for your business information and have had reports of a caller claiming, "I'm a certified Microsoft Computer Technician and your computer has been compromised. I need to log onto your computer...etc...."

These are scams! Please do not give them any sensitive information and remember Microsoft would never call you to ask about your computer

To Provide GSL customers additional protection from potential fraud, Debit Card Customers will be required to enter their personal identification numbers (PIN) when making most types of point of sale transactions. Card not present and unattended transactions may not process.
Please contact operations with any questions 970-641-2172.

Debit Card Terms and Conditions
Debit Card Security Limits

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Avoiding Fraud

Gunnison Savings & Loan invites all its members to click the following links to learn how to avoid fraud:

Warning: Recent Phishing Calls requesting your MasterCard account number have been reported.
GSL will NEVER ask for your card account information. NEVER respond to these calls.

Be cautious of posting too much information on social media sites. Such as birth dates, maiden names, addresses, or other personal confidential information. Never communicate or “friend” a person that you don’t know. For more information related to on-line security visit: